Sunday, February 2, 2014

JAL’s Stay True Morning Links

JAL’s Stay True  Danny and the Champions of the World


1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 BFFL’s 2014 Pirates Stats Spreadsheet

4 Pirates Prospects Spring Training Tracker

BLOGS and such


5—Pirates Prospects

Pirates Add Five Minor League Players

Winter Leagues: Recap of the Remaining Pirates Players

6 Rant Sports

5 Pittsburgh Pirates Storylines to Follow During Spring Training

7 Bleacher Report

Pittsburgh Pirates: Are They World Series Contenders in 2014?

8 Saber Bucs

Projection #13: Jeff Locke

9 Green Weenie

> 2/1: A quiet day - Rosey Rowswell, Cecilio Guante, Stolmy, Rube Waddell...

10 Pirates 101

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Prospect Profile: Alen Hanson

11 Three Rivers Burgh Blog

The Pirates Prospects Rankings Through The Years


12 New York Post
Daily routines make baseball more like a wife, football a mistress

13 Beaver County Times

Mehno: Losing Burnett risky for Pirates


Taillon: Would Like To Learn From Burnett


MVP McCutchen returns home to Polk County

16 Fangraphs

So You Want to Be a Beat Writer…


New technology will help baseball fans find their seat, a hot dog and more

18 St. Louis Post Dispatch

Gordon: Experts see bright Cardinals future

19 Baseball Nation

Where home runs look the best, #1-3

20 Fox Sports

Ex-NBA star McGrady trying to switch careers to baseball?


  1. As I rethink AJ, and be transparent, I was one of those folks (not sure if I was the minority or majority as I usually drop off the blogs unless its hot stove or trade/waiver deadline) who wanted the Bucs to pitch him in game 5 of the cards series. Now, perhaps confusingly, I prefer to use what I assume is remaining cash on Drew instead of AJ. Wonder if that is odd... Meaning the folks who were on the AJ game 5 side of the fence are more passionate about him coming back to us in 2014 and the folks who preferred Cole may not be as desperate to have AJ return... Guess its a case study and not sure if I care, just curious, as always :)

  2. Well, I was for Cole pitching game 5 and AJ now coming back.

  3. On #6, if I'm remembering, correctly, some of the past off-season moves he touts came either right before, or during Spring Training. I'm impatient, too, but it's getting closer!

  4. Sat down with my coffee and post gazette for some hot stove news this morning......zilch..nothing on baseball....
    Had to go to Trib for front page baseball story...oh well, just like the blog, newspaper 2nd rate.

  5. The AJ rumors in 2012 started right around now as if I'm not mistaken the deal went through right before ST.

    I remember as recently as this August when fans were screaming because nothing happened at the trade deadline and then they ended up getting Byrd and Morneau.

    It's a LOONNNGGG season.

  6. I didn't even want him in the stadium at that point.

  7. Good morning Asylum, I just read on MLB trade rumors where Orioles GM, Duquette talked about acquiring a veteran pitcher and Showalters response was just because a guy has a # of yrs pitching doesn't mean they would be a good presence... Wonder who he was referring to???

  8. Edison Volquez? :)

  9. Was it Chuck Noll who said "If you're thinking about retiring, then you should do so"? His thinking was that the mental part of the game is so great, that, if you're not 100% into it, you'll not be doing your team any good.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind having AJ back on a 1 year deal....maybe even incentive laden?

  10. I was going with Jim Palmer

  11. Travis on AJ this morn:

    How risky is investment in A.J. Burnett?

  12. .


    From Link # 7 --

    "But to suggest a 37-year-old pitcher will make or break a baseball team is asinine. His loss is not that big of a deal for Pittsburgh."

    That's my current thinking, as well.

    More important, the issues/questions raised in Link # 6 (imo). Harsh words from the folks at Rant Sports.

    Yikes !!


  13. I don't know if AJ would go for it but incentive-laden seems like a great idea for a 37-year-old pitcher. He could make that 14 mil if he gets up to 200 innings, or whatever.

  14. yep...I linked it above.

  15. Chuck was a wise man. I think AJ is a prime example. The pitcher he was at the end of the year, losing velocity and losing games, is not worth what he tinks he is worth. It was fun to have you AJ, now enjoy your life's work.

  16. That plus the multiple blow ups in the last couple months of the season are definitely what scares me.

  17. You really think his pride is going to go for incentive laden? Not happening.

  18. I wrote on Friday that his last 2 games in the regular season were a couple of gems....
    Beat Reds in crucial games....did not look like he had lost it in late September.

  19. And he gave up at least 4 ER's in 5 of the 8 games before that.

  20. I agree it will not. I hope he doesn't pull a Willie Mays and stay around too long.

  21. And how was Kershaw in his last game of season against Cards in playoffs?
    :) :)