Thursday, November 10, 2016

JAL’s Fall into November Morning Links

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Fall into November Folk Implosion

1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 PBC Asylum Recipe Collection

4 BFFL’s Pirates Stats Spreadsheet and Prediction Contest

5 Cot’s Baseball Contracts

2017 MLB Free Agents

6 Rumbunter

Andrew McCutchen Potential Trade Fit: Cleveland Indians

7 Viva El Birdos

The “golden pitch” which led to the first Cardinals title

8 Green Weenie

11/9: HBD Nick, Johnny, Fred, Red & Scott

9 Red Reporter

SB Nation Off-season Simulation - Fake baseball in a dream world

10 Bleed Cubbie Blue

2017 Cubs Pitching: Who’ll Be New In The Rotation and Bullpen?

11 Pirates Breakdown

The Pirates 2016 Minor League Free Agents were announced yesterday. Here is a look at each free agent.

12 National Pastime Museum


13 Pittsburgh Sporting News

Pirates’ Marte cruises to 2nd Gold Glove Award

14 Sporting News

MLB free agents 2017: Ranking the top 13 hitters available this offseason

15 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hochman: Less thump and more speed would help Cards

16 USA Today

Marlins still grieving Jose Fernandez's death, but business must go on

17 SB Nation   

The Tigers are willing to trade just about anyone, even Miguel Cabrera

18 CBS Sports

MLB Hot Stove 2016-17: Breaking down 10 bold offseason predictions

19 Fangraphs

How the Cubs Dynasty Could Collapse

20 Fox Sports

Sources: Pirates discussed huge Andrew McCutchen trade at deadline

21 Baseball Prospectus

Rumor Roundup: Sluggers Staying?

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