Tuesday, November 29, 2016

JAL’s Walking on Broken Glass Morning Links

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Walking on Broken Glass Annie Lennox 

1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 PBC Asylum Recipe Collection

4 BFFL’s Pirates Stats Spreadsheet and Prediction Contest

5 Cot’s Baseball Contracts

2017 MLB Free Agents

6 Rumbunter

Pittsburgh Pirates: Friday is the Non-Tender Deadline

7 Viva El Birdos

Carlos Gomez could be a nice fit for the Cardinals

8 Green Weenie

11/28: Bucs Deal Kiki, Tiger, Wood & Ribant; Forbes Field Deal, HBD Dave

9 Call to the Pen

Would the Pirates Actually Move Andrew McCutchen?

10 Bleed Cubbie Blue

MLB 2016 Free Agent Tracker: Closers

11 Pirates Breakdown

Three Matt Joyce-Esque Candidates for the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates

12 National Pastime Museum



Dodgers deny being under MLB 'mandate' to bring down debt

14 FanragSports

Pleskoff Scouting Report: Eric Wood

15 Washington Post

Yoenis Cespedes, Ian Desmond, Andrew McCutchen and the Nats’ top outfield options

16 St. Louis Post Dispatch

BenFred: Lovable Pena proved to be swing and miss for Cardinals

17 SB Nation   

There is no rational argument for a labor stoppage in baseball

18 CBS Sports

The best ways MLB teams could use a potential extra roster spot if it happens

19 Fangraphs

The 26th Man Doesn’t Have to Be a Reliever

20 Fox Sports

Can the Pirates find a trade partner for Josh Harrison?

21 Baseball Prospectus

The World Series of Coin Flipping

22 Sports on Earth



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