Thursday, November 24, 2016

JAL’s We Gather Together Morning Links

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We Gather Together Celtic Spirits

1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 PBC Asylum Recipe Collection

4 BFFL’s Pirates Stats Spreadsheet and Prediction Contest

5 Cot’s Baseball Contracts

2017 MLB Free Agents

6 Rumbunter

Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Stories to Watch Over Holiday Break

7 Viva El Birdos

Adam Wainwright’s historic offensive 2016

8 Green Weenie

11/23: HBD Chief, Silver Fox & Dale; Quail Takes Over; Goose Goes; War Ball

9 Red Reporter

Red Reposter - Vincej, Votto, and trade scenarios

10 Bleed Cubbie Blue

A Cubs Night At The Opera

11 Pirates Breakdown

Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media Round-up: Anniversary Celebrations, Cervy in a Speedo and a Singing Brault

12 National Pastime Museum

GOING PRO: Baseball in the 1860s </b>

13 Bradenton Herald

Pirates’ put six-game plans on sale Friday

14 Allied News

EXTRA INNINGS: Pirates get three new coaches, but will they help?

15 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Holliday might be moving on, but his impact in St. Louis is long-lasting

16 USA Today

Arizona Diamondbacks trade Jean Segura to Seattle Mariners for Taijuan Walker

17 SB Nation   

The Diamondbacks still have one of baseball’s most compelling rosters

18 CBS Sports

Here are the things each MLB team should be thankful for this Thanksgiving outs

19 Fangraphs

The Changing Look of the Average Outfielder

20 Fox Sports

Sources: Baseball's 21-year run of labor peace could be in jeopardy

21 Baseball Prospectus

Transaction Analysis: Lefty, Lefty, Lefty

22 Sports on Earth


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