Monday, January 16, 2017

JAL’s Ice Queen Morning Links

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Ice Queen Within Temptation

1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 PBC Asylum Recipe Collection

4 BFFL’s Pirates Stats Spreadsheet and Prediction Contest

First link is to new 2017 sheets but no data yet while second link is to 2016 data

5 Foo’s Survey Results

6 Rumbunter

Pittsburgh Pirates: A Look at their 2017 Draft Picks

7 Viva El Birdos

Viva El Birdos 2017 Top Prospects List Part Six: Wrapping it Up

8 Green Weenie

1/15: '16 Arb Class; Hartenstein Deal; Honus Museum; HBD Mike, Jock, & Banny

9 Reds Reporter

Matt Makes Ballpark Food: Canadian Edition

10 Bleed Cubbie Blue

No More Print-at-Home Tickets, Cubs Say In Convention Business Session

11 Pirates Breakdown

2017 Pittsburgh Pirates Are In Search of a Leadoff Hitter

Pittsburgh Pirates 2017 Prospect Projections: Clay Holmes

12 National Pastime Museum

HARD TIMES: Baseball in the 1930s</b>

13 Outside Pitch

Just how good is Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Austin Meadows?

14 Number Fire

Joe Blanton's Revival as a Reliever Makes Him an Attractive Free-Agent Option

15 Call to the Pen

MLB Free Agency: Ranking the Best Fits for Brandon Moss

16 St. Louis Post Dispatch

Goold: Greg Garcia sets his sights on winning everyday job

17 SB Nation   

Pablo Sandoval looks skinny as hell now

18 CBS Sports

Think you know what it takes to be an MLB leadoff hitter? Think again

19 Fangraphs

Elo vs. Regression to the Mean: A Theoretical Comparison

20 Fox Sports

David Price opens up about struggles with Red Sox, admits he heard racial taunts

21 Baseball Prospectus

Ain't Settling for Anything Less Than Everythin

22 Sports on Earth


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