Thursday, January 5, 2017

JAL’s They’re Coming to Take Me, Ha-Haaa! Away Morning Links

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They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! Napoleon XIV  Napoleon XIV was actually Jerry Samuels, a recording engineer.  There is a lot of story around this recording. 

1- MLB Transactions

2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

3 PBC Asylum Recipe Collection

4 BFFL’s Pirates Stats Spreadsheet and Prediction Contest

First link is to new 2017 sheets but no data yet while second link is to 2016 data

5 Foo Did a New Survey

6 Rumbunter

The Pittsburgh Pirates Need To Ditch The Idea Of A ‘Closer’

7 Viva El Birdos

The need for another outfielder on the Cardinals

8 Green Weenie

1-4: Everyone Wants Sam, Skates & Starling Inked, Lance Deal

9 Red Reporter

Baseball America: 2017 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects

10 Bleed Cubbie Blue

Diamondbacks Sue To Get Out Of Chase Field Lease

11 Pirates Breakdown

Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call – Next Pirates Hall of Famer?

12 CBS Sports

Why it looks like Bagwell and Raines are finally getting into the Hall of Fame</b>

13 Call to the Pen

Pittsburgh Pirates: How Much Would Jose Quintana Trade Cost?

14 Fan Rag

Burkhart: Pittsburgh Pirates Top 15 Prospects in 2017

15 Outside Pitch

The Pittsburgh Pirates need Todd Frazier

16 St. Louis Post Dispatch

Goold: Hall of Fame support is building for Bonds, Clemens

17 SB Nation   

Phillies want to add a bat, maybe even Jose Bautista

18 Fangraphs

Matt Wieters and the Curse of the Tall Catcher

19 Fox Sports

Giants’ new closer shares a hilarious story about Hunter Pence and hot yoga

20 Baseball Prospectus

The McEwing Score

21 Sports on Earth

Sophomore Resolutions: No Flukes

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